, July 1, 2014

A JEWEL BOX HOME is a small home designed with top-quality materials, upscale detailing and custom finishes.

The term JEWEL BOX HOME is not new. Famed architects Louis H. Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright used the term to describe some of their favorite designs.

The popularity of the JEWEL BOX HOME and the lifestyle philosophy it represents has reemerged!
There has been a nationwide decline in the “McMansion” craze. Separate formal living and dining spaces are out, kitchens, great rooms and outdoor entertaining spaces are in.

Many factors play a role in the desire to downsize – less to manage in terms of energy and water consumption, a desire for a lower maintenance lifestyle, a focus on livability and a less is more philosophy and the opportunity to now own homes that operate with optimal efficiency using smart home technology.

These JEWEL BOX HOMES appeal to a wide variety of demographics including young professionals and newlyweds, as well as two fast-growing segments – empty nesters and retirees. Living spaces are built to human scale. Architectural details add beauty and character. Human needs take priority – the focus is on good design – not size.

To today’s home buyer/builder, utilizing low maintenance, long-lasting and locally sourced materials are a priority. Lifestyles are taken into account during the design phase; the home is tailored to the owner’s way of life. JEWEL BOX HOMES are meant to meet the needs of home life, not follow trends.

Many JEWEL BOX HOMES utilize “Aging in Place” techniques, enabling owners to stay in their homes longer during their later years. Everything is on one floor, the hallways and doorways are wider, bathrooms contain large walk-in showers, kitchens have raised dishwashers and wall ovens and countertops are at various heights, making it easier to work either sitting down or standing up. Cabinets are equipped with roll-out trays and washers and dryers are on the main level.

Passive solar, day lighting and proper siting of the house on the lot are all practices often used when building the JEWEL BOX HOME. Using the sun to warm and light the home and utilizing proper window placement for optimum ventilation cuts down on heating, cooling and electric bills. Sitting in a bright cheerful room full of sun on a cold winter day or filled with cooling breezes during the hot summer is a much nicer experience that being shut in with all the lights on and air conditioning running. This is the JEWEL BOX HOME experience. Beauty, harmony and function defined by the owner’s needs.

Just as a jewel box displays the gem inside to its best advantage, the JEWEL BOX HOME enriches the lives of its people. A living space that is filled with light, full of fresh air and extremely comfortable to live in, as well as being beautiful to look at, that is what a JEWEL BOX HOME is.

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“Technology and Performance Drive Appliance Trends”

, June 23, 2014

An interesting article from Kitchen and Bath Design News:

“Technology and performance continue to be driving forces in cooking appliances, as technological innovations allow today’s consumers to cook faster and better – all while saving energy. But while technology is hot, waste is not, with the most popular technological features ones that can provide true value and ease of use for users of all ages and abilities. Design wise, color is coming back, but the look is still clean and classic with simple lines or soft curves. Induction cooking remains a hot trend, along with flexible designs that give the designer the ability to create a beautiful and efficient kitchen in any size space.

Below are a few of the hottest trends in kitchen appliances right now.

–While technology and performance continue to drive the appliance industry, a more value-conscious consumer is looking for useful technology that improves the cooking experience and easy-to-use digital controls rather than trophy-style bells and whistles.

–Flexibility is important as smaller kitchens and a greater variety of family and space configurations require appliances that can be placed at the point of use, rather than in some outdated work triangle which may no longer be practical with fewer walls, more islands and Great Room layouts changing the kitchen landscape.

–Time-saving features — from faster pre-heat to speed cooking — are popular right now, along with cooking appliances that include technology to help the user cook better.

–Drawer appliances remain hot, both for their flexible design and accessibility to children, seniors, those with mobility concerns, etc.

–While stainless steel remains a timeless favorite, consumers seem less afraid to use color right now, and colored appliances – including white, black and midnight blue – are gaining ground. Still, design continues to favor simple clean lines, or soft, organic shapes that blend seamlessly into the design.

–Energy efficiency remains important to many consumers”

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